In order to manage resources effectively, and maximise participants’ time in relation to international travel, where possible, advisory group meetings will be held immediately after each workshop. Each workshop will include a creative event/performance relevant to the workshop themes which will shape the conceptual/theoretical and policy-based discussions.

January 2016 (stage 1)

  • Workshop 1 (Keele University – UK)
  • Public Event (Keele University): Poetic Responses (R. Hampson, D. Herd, Shire, J. Sheard – in collaboration with refugee group ASHA, Stoke on Trent, UK).
  • AG Meeting 1 (Glasgow University – UK)
  • Public Event (Glasgow – UK): GRAMNet film screening, series 15/16.

June 2016 (stage 2)

  • Workshop 2 (L’Orientale, Naples – Italy)
  • AG Meeting 2 (L’Orientale, Naples – Italy)
  • Public Event: Video Installation and Q&A with film artist Zineb Sedira; Screening of ZALAB’s docu-film (L’Orientale, Naples – Italy)

March 2017 (stage 3)

  • Workshop 3 (Royal Holloway – UK)
  • AG Meeting 3 (Royal Holloway – UK)
  • Public Events (Royal Holloway – UK): Photo Exhibition (Kate Stanworth Jan-March); theatre workshop (Actors for Human Rights); Schools’ poetry competition in response to photography exhibition – (Runnymede Literary Festival).